My Wifes addiction

My wife is one in 1 million, but there is no doubt that she has an addiction when it comes to home renovation and buying things for the house that we simply don’t need. Recently she decided to renovate our back deck so organised all her friends to come over and give their design ideas. As usual most of their ideas would have cost a fortune so basically my wife being a bit tight, realised that she was going to have to do the renovation on a small budget and probably look for most of the items second hand rather than new. I was sitting in the background when this decision was made and you could see the giant smile on my face. That weekend my wife took off with the purpose to visit lots of markets and second-hand dealers looking for all the things that would make our back deck a haven of serenity and class. I simply waited at home and drank my home brew beer that I had just finished bringing upstairs from the cellar. I must have had quite a few because it seemed like only an hour and gone by and my wife had returned with her arms full of bags and boxes. She was very excited with the new purchases and proceeded to put them all out on the dining room table for me to see. The purchase she was most proud of was a set of Chinese wind chimes which she had gotten from an old Chinese family at the markets who were moving interstate. They looked pretty old to my eyes but she said if she polished up the metal they would look as good as new. She also had purchased some thrilling old movie posters which looked great and I could definitely see bright opening up any barbecue we might have on the deck. I could see by the rise that my wife wasn’t finished shopping so I new that she would be out the next weekend looking for another bargain


An Unusual Find

I was travelling back from Cairns last weekend and had a stopover in Brisbane for nine hours before I connected to my next flight to Melbourne. I didn’t really want to spend all my time in the airport because I knew I would spend all my money in the duty-free tax shops, so I decided to take a cab to the  closest local community  and have a look around for the day. As it turned out to the local markets were on it being a Sunday morning, so I took the opportunity to have a good look around and maybe pick up some trinkets to bring home to the wife and kids. Like most markets most of the stalls were made up of what foods like German sausages and in Dim sims, but I was more interested in the trash and treasure section of the market. This particular community didn’t look like a high social demographic so much of the material on the table stalls weren’t of a very high quality. Still I rummaged through the layers of objects piled high on the tables and worked my way down the stalls looking for that special something. I was just about to give up when I noticed a crucifix in the pile. I reached for it and then realised it wasn’t just the crucifix but a set of old tarnished rosary beads made of what looked like marble and Jade. I was absolutely delighted because I knew my wife loved these sorts of tarnished old antiques and would put the straight into the cleaner and make them look like new. I haggled with the stallholder for a few minutes and managed to get them for five dollars and I realised I had a real bargain  when on the back of the crucifix it said it was 8 carat gold. I quickly put them away in my briefcase and caught the cab back to the airport because I was worried about missing my connecting flight, and quickly ran my wife on my mobile to tell the good news. At least I know now that she will have my favourite meal on the table when I get home.